Are your products original?

Yes! We promise that the  products that we sold on Peach et Crème are 100% authentic! We source them only from reputable suppliers.

How do I check for the expiry date?

Check for these keywords on the products:

까지 (Expiration date), e.g. 20230101까지- Expiration date: 2023.01.01    OR

사용기한 (Used by)

*If you can’t see both on the products, look for the 제조 (manufacturing date) and the symbol below which means it will only last for 12 months after opening. 


Payment Methods

We offer secure online card payments using Stripe. 




Which country do you ship to?

Currently, we only ship to Malaysia (Peninsular, Sabah and Sarawak).

How much is shipping?

Sarawak: RM10 per order,. FREE DELIVERY for RM100 and above in an single order!

Sabah & Peninsular: RM 15 per order. FREE DELIVERY for RM200 and above in an single order!

How long does it take?

Sarawak: Usually 1-3 days

Sabah & Peninsular: Usually 2-5 days

*Kindly note that due to the current MCOs, CMCOs and RMCOs in Malaysia, we cannot guarantee delivery times. There will probably be a slight delay in delivering the parcels. We ask for your patience and understanding. We apologise in advance. If you have special requirements on your delivery or need your parcels urgently, please contact us. We will try our best to accommodate your needs! 

When will my order(s) be dispatched?

We promise to dispatch your order(s) in 1 or 2 working days after you place the order. 

Is tracking number provided?

Yes. Tracking details, and an invoice will be sent once the order(s) have been dispatched. 

Need more help?

Fill in the form. Our team will get back to you shortly.