BHA 水杨酸

Also known as: Beta hydroxy acid, Salicylic Acid

Skin Benefits : Anti-acne , Anti-aging , Blackhead Reducing

Categories: Exfoliant, Humectant

What is Salicylic Acid? 

  • Well known for its exfoliating/anti-acne properties
  • It is a desmolytic ingredient- it exfoliates by dissolving the bonds that hold the dead cells to skin’s surface.
  • Oil solubility lets it penetrate into pore lining and exfoliate inside the pore to alleviate breakouts, congestion, whiteheads and blackheads.
  • Salicylic acid 0.5-2% is recognized by FDA as an over-the-counter topical acne product.
  • Salicylic acid can help to improve dull skin, uneven skin tone and other visible signs of aging skin by exfoliating the buildup of dead skin on the surface and increase cells turnover, revealing fresh, newer skin that’s naturally smoother and has greater clarity.
  • When dead skin cells are cleared away, skin can better absorb other skincare products, making them more effective. And, when your skin has a more even texture, your makeup applies more evenly.
  • Unlike physical exfoliants (such as a rough facial scrub), salicylic acid offers hydrating properties that enhance the result of smooth, soft skin.
  • Salicylic acid is able to gently soothe aggravated skin as it has calming properties.
  • Works most effectively in leave-on formulas with a pH range between 3-4. Rinse-off salicylic acid cleansers won’t with much in exfoliation as they typically have a higher pH and the contact time with skin is very brief. However, the salicylic acid cleansers which is more than 0.5% may at least calm the skin.
  • Research shows using salicylic acid starting at a 1-2% concentration is recommended for regular exfoliation within a skin care routine.



归类: 去角质,保湿


  • 可以去除角质,以缓解痘痘
  • 它是一种去角质成分- 能够通过溶解将死细胞固定在皮肤表面的键来去除角质。
  • 油溶性使其能够在毛孔内去除角质,以缓解痘痘、毛孔阻塞和黑头。
  • 当使用浓度为 0.5-2% 时,水杨酸被美国 FDA 认定为非处方外用抗痘产品。
  • 水杨酸有助于改善暗沉、肤色不均和其他明显的老化迹象,通过去除表面上的死皮堆积并增加细胞更新,让皮肤焕然一新,自然更光滑,更清晰.
  • 清除死皮细胞后,皮肤可以更好地吸收其他产品,使其更有效。而且,当皮肤质地更均匀时,妆容会更均匀。
  • 与物理去角质剂(如粗糙的面部磨砂膏)不同,水杨酸具有保湿特性,可增强光滑、柔软的皮肤。
  • 水杨酸具有镇静作用,能够温和舒缓被刺激的皮肤
  • 在 pH 值范围在 3-4 之间的免洗配方中最有效。水杨酸洁面乳不会有太显著的去角质效果,因为它们通常具有较高的 pH 值并且与皮肤的接触时间非常短。但是,0.5%以上的水杨酸洗面奶至少可以镇定皮肤。
  • 研究建议在护肤时使用浓度为 1-2% 的水杨酸定期去角质。

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